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Vegetarian Options

We offer a full vegetarian menu for our evening meal deliveries. You can choose either to have the whole group as vegetarian, or to have spilt menus where you'll have both meat dishes and vegetarian dishes delivered to your chalet or apartment. Read vegetarian options on our Menu Page

Choosing Vegetarian Meals

Can I have some vegetarian and some non-vegetarian delivered together?

Yes. We have a great vegetarian menu & can deliver both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes together.

Can I opt to have vegetarian dishes on certain nights?

Yes. You can have meat dishes some nights and vegetarian dishes on others. That's no problem - please just let us know when you book.


Wheat & Gluten

We can prepare our main courses without gluten, both the meat dishes and vegetarian dishes. Please note though there maybe still be traces of gluten in the meals. We do not offer gluten free desserts (though if you'd like us to provide some fruit as a dessert instead we can do that.)

Fish & Shellfish

Unless stated explicitly in the menu description, our meals do not contain fish or shellfish.

Nuts, Peanuts & Sesame Seeds

Our desserts contain nuts and are not suitable for nut allergy sufferers. If you have a nut allergy, we can provide fruit as an alternative dessert - just let us know. Please note that all our dishes contain traces of nuts.


Our meals do not contain soya.

Our meals contain Dairy and Eggs

We aim to give the very best in value, and as so try to keep our production as simple as possible. We therefore can only offer the meat dishes, vegetarian dishes and gluten free options as per our menus. We do not offer any other dietary requirements such as dairy-free / lactose intolerant.

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