Chalet Kitchen Food Philosophy
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The Chalet Kitchen Food Philosophy

Slow food made effortless

A passion for great food

At Chalet Kitchen, great food is our passion. Nothing leaves our kitchens unless it is certain to impress. It's all part of our food philosophy. We believe that every meal should be made with the care, the passion and the ingredients you would expect from the very finest restaurants.

Head chef Raphael preparing food for delivery

Our Head Chef

Head chef Raphael has worked in some of Europe's finest kitchens, including the three gourmet restaurants of the Grand Hotel Kempinski (Geneva) and the double-Michelin Starred Patrick Guilbaud (Dublin). His menus celebrate the best of seasonal and regional produce.

Head chef Raphael preparing food for delivery

Cooking is not only about the recipe, but looking for the best ingredients at the right time of the year, respecting them when you cook and serving them simply, in context and for everybody...

Head Chef Raphael Cabuis

Chalet Kitchen

We prepare every component of our dishes from scratch using the freshest ingredients

Chalet Kitchen

Food is our passion, and nothing leaves our kitchens unless it is certain to impress

It starts with ingredients

Farm-fresh, seasonal and local ingredients are the building blocks of a great dish

Trusted Suppliers

We work with trusted local suppliers to source the very best quality ingredients throughout the year.

Seasonal Produce

We always use the right ingredients for the time of year, when their flavour is at its best.

Respect the Ingredients

When you have the best ingredients, and you know how to get the best out of them, their flavour speaks for itself.

choux a la creme, delivered to your chalet or apartment Chalet Kitchen

The Urquhart family via Facebook...

Genuinely the tastiest food I have ever eaten, and proper skier-sized portions.

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Tried and trusted recipes

Classic flavours that appeal to everyone...

Classic Recipes

There are certain Alpine classics you just can't do without. Don't worry – we've got them covered

Modern Twists

Like our 70% dark chocolate custard with diced brownie and hazelnut mousse. Served in individual pud-pots. Mmm...

For Everybody

Done right, good food works for everybody, grown-ups and little skiers alike. Our meals are designed to suit everyone.

Our famous tartiflette

We think the 2019-2020 menus are our best yet. See what you think...

Winter Menus & Prices Summer Menus & Prices
Banoffee Pie

We cater for vegetarians and various special dietary requirements

Dietary Requirements

The eco friendly way

Because good food does not have to cost the earth...

Reduced Waste

Almost all of our food is served in earthenware dishes which are fully reusable. This cuts down on unnecessary waste from items such as plastic trays and foil dishes. Almost all of our food packaging is reused including our glassware dessert pots.

Local Sources

As far as we can we try to source all our meat and poultry products from local suppliers. This means we can trace the meat right to its source. Our vegetables are also all locally sourced from vetted suppliers.

Economy of scale

Delivered food is a far more ecologically efficient way of eating as it takes far less resources to produce a large number of meals in a central kitchen than it does to produce the same number spread out over multiple kitchens.