Starting your own Chalet Kitchen Franchise

Chalet Kitchen is expanding into new ski resorts across the Alps & is looking for new franchisees to join this successful & growing business.

This is ideal both of people looking to start their first business in the Alps, or for people looking to expand a catered chalet company.

Why you should consider joining Chalet Kitchen

Profitable Turn-key Business Model

We are offering a profitable turnkey business model. Everything from the menus to the production systems to the marketing plans have been tried and testing, so you can hit the ground running. The majority of businesses take a few years to get to breakeven. Here you've a business model to make a profit from year 1.

High Growth Area

You can get involved with a hig growth area of chalet holidays. External catering options are a growing sector and we are one of the top movers in marketing and pushing this new service. Because you can service a large number of holimakers from one kitchen then this model provdes much easier growth opportunities than traditional chalet businesses do.

Low Risk Startup

Tried and Testing from top to bottom
You'd be joining a sucessful business with systems that are tried and tested. Everything from menus, day-to-day running, marketing, computer systems and more has been tested and refined. This means you can have a business that's a success and profitable right from year 1.

Lower Startup Costs
Firstly we take care of all the technical end - websites, online bookings systems, booking management systems, emails, accounting systems and on it goes. For you there's no startup costs for any of this side making a huge saving.

Normally you'd need to assign large budgets to testing - everything from menus to production systems to marketing. No one gets it right first time, and each iteration of testing costs money. And it costs time, which also costs more money.

Technical End Covered

The technical side of things is hugely important. Not only a good website, online booking systems and alike, but also all the back-office systems. To make good money in this industry you need to look after more clients in less time, and that means having a super-efficient bookings management system to do all the hardwork for you. If you are to concentrate on finding bookings and looking after your clients, the you'll need the free time this gives you. We have the best systems out there, all coded by us at Chalet Kitchen so they are exactly what you need, leaving you the time to produce more meals and provide better service.


We are here to support you in all aspects. From training on the menus, to dealing with more difficult clients and suppliers, how to avoid these issues in the first place, how to do your booking keeping, which are good banks, who's a good accountant and on it goes. Now you've someone to call anytime to support you in every aspect right from the word go.

Continual Developement

We are contunually investing. New products, increased marketing, better computer systems to free up more of your time. You can be part of that and get all the advantages it brings.

What do you get?

Chalet Kitchen provide a turn-key business with a tried and tested model.

You will get:

  • Exclusive right to produce and sell our product in a set area
  • Training and support on how to run your business
    • How to produce our meals
    • Operations - how to run things day-to-day
    • Marketing
    • Business support
  • Setup and training on all technical side
    • Website
    • Emails
    • Social Media
  • Booking Management Systems
    • We have the best, custom made bookings management system.
    • This makes you faster and more efficient, servicing more clients in less time.
  • Support and backup in all areas of your business
  • And a lot more.....
Self-catered chalets in Les Gets

A franchise model is the ideal system for everyone...

Great For You:

You get a turn-key business, fully tried and test, profitable from year one with incredible support

Great For Us:

We get skilled and dedicated partners able to maintain our high standards & brand


There are no startup or fixed costs - you do not have to buy a franchise or pay fixed annual fees. We are very confident that our products and systems will make you a very sucessful business, so the the franchise costs are linked to your income - we would only get something once you've made an income.

Our Expectations of you...

..are very high. Our brand reputation is critical to the business. You would need to adhere exactly to all our systems of how to prepare & deliver the meals. MacDonalds is a franchisee, and each MacDonalds produces food that looks, tastes & is packaged exactly the same, because they stick to an incredibly precise system. We have invested a lot in getting our menus and systems exactly right, and you would be required to stick exactly to them. Also we are very demanding of your customer service level.

We provide training in all this. You need to be aware though that you would be signing up to adhere to our systems exactly. Our brand depends on ensuring the top quality & consitency of our products and service. Your meals needs to be not only delicious, but exactly the same as in all the other resorts. delivered at the same time, for the same price.

Who this opportunity would suit

1. Chalet Companies looking to Expand in a new Direction

This opportunity is ideal for catered chalet companies who are looking to expand into a new area. Your skills and experience lend themselves to being able to add on this new business to your current one with the minimum of interuption or fuss. It's the perfect complimentary business, and has great growth potential going forwards.

2. Experienced Chalet Hosts & Chalet Chefs

If you have done many seasons and are looking to start your own company then this could be for you. You need to have many years experience working in catering and in the Alps. If this is you and you are keen to take that leap into your own business then please do get in touch.

Ski Areas

Each franchisee gets exclusive rights to produce chalet kitchen in their own geographical area.

These areas are already taken:

  • Les Gets, Morzine & Avoriaz
  • Meribel Valley
  • St Martin de Belleville & Les Menuires
  • Courchevel Valley
  • Chamonix Valley

We are open to applications from interested parties in other areas.

We love to chat...

If you'd like to find out more please just get in touch, we'd love to hear from you & have a chat.