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The Chalet Kitchen Partner Scheme

Great for you. Great for your guests.

Chalet Kitchen is an affordable, flexible service which your guests will love. And it's great for your business, too.

Become our partner and gain many benefits including free advertising, help with staff recruitment and more.

Get in touch to find out how Chalet Kitchen can help give your guests an even better holiday experience.

Chalet meal delivered

Reviewed in the Daily Mail

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It costs less than staffed and more than self-catered, but it could be the best of the lot ... one of the best-kept secrets in the Alps.

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6 Ways Chalet Kitchen can help your business grow

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More Bookings Secure new guests who return every year

Our accommodation partners have found that guests are more likely to book when Chalet Kitchen meal deliveries are available.

But more than that: they are also more likely to return next year. Why is that?

Well, read our latest reviews and you will see for yourself. Or maybe our review in the Daily Mail Ski Supplement. People are raving about the flexibility and the convenience. Not to mention the incredible value. And of course the high quality of the food!

Why let them look elsewhere?

Chalet food delivered in the Alps

Abi from Ski Basics says...

Great feedback from our self catered chalet. The Braithewaites from last week were singing Chalet Kitchen's praises ... the portions were great, the flavours were fantastic and that the ingredients used were all really interesting...

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Keep up with growing demands Guests are expecting more and more

Our partners tell us how guests' expectations have never been higher.

Groups are increasingly expecting services to come to them. Ski hire, lift passes, childcare. Even massage and wellness services - all delivered to the chalet. And now food deliveries, too.

It's what they're used to, after all.

Today's customers can expect to have all types of food delivered to their home. It could be their grocery shopping and veg boxes. Their favourite restaurant meals with Deliveroo or Uber Eats. And now even popular meal-planning services like HelloFresh and Gousto.

By offering Chalet Kitchen meals as an optional extra, you can stay ahead of this growing demand and gain an edge on your competitors.

Chalet Kitchen food Delivery

Nadia from Snowflake Chalets says...

I strongly recommend Chalet Kitchen to all chalet owners and rental agencies. Great concept, great service, great food and great feedback from the customers...

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Free Advertising in Our Accommodation Finder Right at the top of Google

We want our partners' properties to be full of hungry guests. So we advertise your chalets for you. For free.

Our interactive Accommodation Finder brings the bookings to you.

We have invested massively in securing the best Google rankings. The results? MASSIVE exposure for your chalets and apartments.

To get a slice of this juicy traffic, you just have to add us to your website. It's that simple.

In return you will get online listings for all your properties including photo galleries, contact forms, property descriptions and clickable links through to your own website.

Click your region to see our current rankings and may differ

Portes du Soleil Rankings


Here are some of our current rankings. We out-rank many of the pay-to-advertise sites and you can be listed here for free.

  • Les Gets self catered properties - #1
  • self catered chalet Les Gets - #1
  • self catered chalet Morzine - #1
  • self catered Les Gets - #1
  • self catered properties Morzine - #1
  • self catered properties Les Gets - #1
  • self catered apartment Les Gets - #1
  • self catered chalets Les Gets - #1
  • self catered apartments Morzine - #1
  • self catered chalets Morzine - #1
  • self catered accommodation Les Gets - #1
  • self catering chalet morzine - #1
  • self catered Morzine - #1
  • self catered apartments Les Gets - #1
  • self catered accommodation Morzine - #1
  • self catered apartment Morzine - #2
  • Saint Jean Daulps self catered properties - #3
  • self catered Saint Jean Daulps - #4
  • self catered properties Saint Jean Daulps - #4
  • self catered chalets Saint Jean Daulps - #4
  • self catered apartment Saint Jean Daulps - #6
Why these rankings?

These are just a sample of our current rankings; you may find us at the top of for other keywords, too. We work very hard to secure these prominent rankings in Google because it is good for our partners and good for us, too: we want our partners' properties to be full of hungry skiers, and we want those skiers to find out about us when they book.

We are always working to improve our self-catered property rankings in all of our resorts, so you can expect to see them climb even higher as time goes on.

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The Portes Du Soleil

Clare from Meribel Chalets and Apartments says...

We have found the feedback from our clients to be very positive regarding both the quality of the food and the attentiveness and reliability of their service...

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Double Your Market Size Appealing to catered and self-catering markets

Open up your self-catering property to the huge catered market that's out there.

According to the Daily Mail Travel Supplement, Chalet Kitchen offers "a middle way. It costs less than staffed and more than self-catered, but it could be the best of the lot."

With food deliveries, your guests can enjoy all the benefits of a catered holiday without the extra costs. It's a huge saving for groups who usually prefer to go catered.

As the Daily Mail puts it, compared to a traditional catered holiday "the difference in price can be about £900 ... the amount you save should cover the cost of your transfers and ski hire."

We can offer breakfast, evening meals, afternoon cakes and drinks. A fully-catered holiday package.

Catered Apartments? The dream for small groups. A key niche for you

Get ahead of the game by offering small groups a private catered holiday.

In the past, smaller groups were forced to choose between privacy and catering. EITHER book a private apartment and find a restaurant / supermarket. OR share a catered chalet with strangers.

Not anymore. With Chalet Kitchen, this false choice is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Together, your apartments and our food deliveries create a powerful niche product.

Catered apartments. The dream for your guests, and now for you too.

Simple for you Focus on what's important

Your time is precious, especially during the busy winter season. So focus on what's most important and let us handle your guests' catering questions. Zero effort for you.

We'll talk directly to your clients and arrange everything. Just read our latest reviews to see what level of service they can expect. All you have to do is sit back and let us impress your guests.

Self-catered chalets in Les Gets

Working for you and your guests

In their feedback, guests are telling chalet owners exactly what they write in their reviews. How tasty the food is, what great value for money it is and of course how easy it is to deal with the Chalet Kitchen team...

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Joining our Partner Scheme Where to start


Tell us about your business

Get in touch and let us know about your business. We will answer any questions you might have about our food and how we operate. If it's not for you, no worries.


Add us to your website

As a partner, you will be getting prominent advertising space on our website. In return, we ask that you add us to your website, too. We have made this really easy with our easy-to-use widgets.


Give us absolutely nothing!

Our services won't cost you a penny. The free chalet advertising. Helping you with recruitment. Promoting your special offers. It's all part of the service.

Okay, so how does this work..? A flexible system to suit you..

There are several ways which we can work together to increase your market share and fill your chalets. It's really flexible.

You can let us do the leg-work, or you can brand the service as your own. Which is best for you?

Got something different in mind? Great! Tell us your ideas so we can make a system that fits the demands of your company.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Option 1 Let us do everything

You can just point your guests to us and our website, and we'll look after everything. Our handy website widgets are designed for maximum impact, minimum effort. That means no work for you and top service for your guests.

Option 2 You keep control

Prefer to manage your guests' bookings yourself? No problem! We'll let you know what information to collect, then we'll just provide the service in the background. Like Lift passes and ski hire, you can now take the credit for arranging another valued service for your clients.

Option 3 Brand it as your own

Have us work in the background and re-brand our products as your own service. Dealing exclsuively with you, your guests need never know we exist. From their point of view, it's just another great service from your company.

Option 4 Flexi-Catering Package

According to the Daily Mail, "flexi-catering is one of the best-kept secrets in the Alps." It's a fully catered chalet package with no staff. We provide the meals. They pop them in the oven, serve and enjoy. A no-frills catering package that gives guests flexibility, privacy and unbeatable value. Ask us for case studies from existing flexi-catered chalets.

Case Studies Chalet Kitchen partners share their experiences

From Abiy at Ski Basics

I just wanted to pass on some great feedback from our self catered chalet. The Braithewaites from last week were singing your praises when I popped round to see them. Saying the portions were great, the flavours were fantastic and that the ingredients used were all really interesting.

They really appreciated the thought gone in to every meal which then in turn made their life easier.

Becky even said "The highlight of the holiday".

Abiy, Chalet Manager, Ski Basics

From Nadia at Snowflake Chalets

I manage my own rental agency in Les Gets and I have been working with Chalet Kitchen for 2 years now. When I first heard about them, I liked their concept a lot and I automatically thought they could be a good selling tip. I advertised them on our website and whenever I had a booking enquiry I spoke about home delivery meals with Chalet Kitchen as an extra service we provide.

All customers of ours who use Chalet Kitchen are very satisfied and thank us for offering this service. Moreover, we have a commission on each order! I strongly recommend Chalet Kitchen to all chalet Owners and rental agencies.

Great concept, great service, great food and great feedback from the customers!

Nadia Pelvat, Director of Snowflake Chalets

Clare at Meribel Chalets and Apartments

This season we have been promoting Chalet Kitchen to our clients in the Meribel Valley as an additional service within our self-catered properties. We have found the feedback from our clients to be very positive regarding both the quality of the food and the attentiveness and reliability of their service.

One client who stayed in a chalet in Les Allues said "Just a quick email to say thank you for a fantastic week's food. Even though you were recommended by Clare, you surpassed all our expectations! There was not a thing we could fault - definitely a 5 star experience. We will be sure to recommend you to any friends visiting the 3 Valleys."

We have no problem recommending Stu and Lou from Chalet Kitchen, Meribel

Clare Camfferman, Director of Meribel Chalets & Apartments