Outsource your Chalet Catering

Outsourced Catering For Catered Chalet Companies

Outsourcing your food preparation means fewer staff, less work and lower risk

Chalet Kitchen don't just work with self-catered chalet companies.

Do you have a catered chalet company? Are you looking for ways to reduce your costs and risk, while still maintaining the same great service for your guests?

Chalet Kitchen could be just what you're looking for.

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Loved the food ... one of the best-kept secrets in the Alps.

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Less work for you this winter A few jobs you can cross off your to-do list...

No recruiting a chef

No menu design

No food shopping

No catering training

Less staff accommodation

Less staff travel

Less staff insurance

Less staff ski hire

Fewer staff welfare issues

A Common Dilemma There just aren't enough great chefs

Getting a good, reliable chef can be a challenge for any chalet company. One who is always there, who is never sick. One who never hurts themselves on the slopes. One whose meals are consistently excellent, every single meal unilt the final cover of the season.

Then add in the costs of recruitment, wages, social security taxes, lift passes, insurance, accommodation, food, travel, uniform....

And then there's the risk. Let's imagine you have one chef or chalet host that's critical to your operation. How will you cope if they injure themself or leave?

The SolutionOutsource your Catering

The concept is simple. Instead of needing two staff in a chalet (a chef and a chalet host), you now need only one (a chalet host). That's because we do all the food preparation and deliver it to you.

Peace of Mind

Not just fewer staff. You no longer need the most skilled employee. The one that's hardest to recruit and retain.

Finding an experienced chef is quite a challenge. And you will need a failsafe in case they leave. With Chalet Kitchen, you only need a chalet host - easier to recruit and easier to replace.

How would it work? Daily Food Deliveries. Always Oven-Ready.

Early each morning, we discreetly deliver this evening's meals to the staff in your chalet. We can also deliver breakfast, afternoon tea, drinks and more.

In the evening, your chalet host simply pops the main dish in the oven and serves. Easy-to-follow instructions are provided but it's very simple.

Easy for staff and for you

Our system is designed with simplicity in mind. Your staff need no more skill than simply putting the main dish in the oven and setting a timer.

Now, one chalet host can cater for 12 or more guests on their own, serving top-quality chalet meals every time. See what reviewers have said about our delicious food.

Discreet & Professional Service

We understand the importance of being discreet. We work entirely behind the scenes from our own kitchens. Your guests would never know about us or the service we offer.

Chalet Kitchen Background Catering Brochure 2019-2020 (PDF)

Staff Training

All our meals are designed to be very simple for your staff. All they have to do is pop the dishes in the oven, serve, and take the praise from your guests.

If you would like, we can also provide pre-season training for your employees on how to present the meals, food hygiene and more.

Let us help you find chalet staff

High Quality, Reliable & Consistent Meals

We understand that you need consistently high quality cuisine you can rely on.

Week after week, our food is of the same excellent standard, and totally consistent. No exceptions.

Our menus are designed by Head Chef Raphael Cabuis, who has worked in some of Europe's top kitchens. Every dish is prepared under Raphael's watchful eye. And nothing goes out for delivery unless it sure to delight.

To see the standard and consistency of the food we produce, see what past guests have said, read about us in the Daily Mail or simply check out our current menus.

See what past customers have said
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A flexible system to suit you...

There are several ways which we can work together to give you peace of mind and reduce your costs while still offering your guests the same fastastic service. Please get in touch to discuss how Chalet Kitchen can fit with your business.

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Value and Flexibility

Employing staff can be very expensive. Recruitment costs, wages, social security taxes, lift passes, insurance, accommodation, food, travel, uniforms. The list goes on.

Outsourcing to us can work out significantly cheaper than employing someone to do the food preparation. Plus, it's lower risk, more reliable and less work for you!

Respond to Demand

Some weeks there can be 20 guests. Other weeks just two.

Chalet Kitchen gives you the flexibility to meet the changing demands of the season. Why pay expensive chefs to twiddle their thumbs during the quiet weeks?

Ramp your order up and down to meet your exact requirements.

How much would it cost?

Chalet Kitchen is designed to be very affordable. You can see our Standard Delivery Prices and Chalet Food Menus to give you an idea of what we produce. But the exact price would really depend on what services you require. Get in touch with your requirements and we can discuss the best product & package for your chalet business.

Chalet Kitchen Background Catering Brochure 2019-2020 (PDF)