A Step-by-Step Guide to arranging your Ski Holiday in Chamonix

How to plan the perfect Chamonix ski holiday for your group

If you're the party leader for a group of skiers heading for Chamonix, Les Houches or Argentière this page is designed for you. It's a tick-list of everything you'll need to create the perfect ski holiday for you and your pals. Follow it step-by-step to enjoy stress-free ski holiday planning. Don't forget your toothbrush!

Find your Accommodation

Chamonix has a huge range of accommodation, much of it self-catered. The majority of chalets and apartments in Chamonix are small, independent businesses. The team at Chalet Kitchen delivers to all self-catered properties in the resort itself and the surrounding area.

Featured Accommodation in Chamonix

Chamonix All Year - Chamonix Chalets, Chamonix

Chamonix All Year

Self-catered chalets and apartments in Chamonix

All properties personally approved by us, but independently reviewed by guests.

Good value, good quality accommodation, no matter what size property.

Well-established family operation with over 13 years in Chamonix.

  • Good value, good quality accommodation
  • Independently reviewed by guests
  • Independently reviewed by guests
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Chamonix Ski Chalets Chamonix Chalets, Chamonix

Chamonix Ski Chalets

Chalets in Chamonix

Organises chalet holidays, ski weekends and winter ski vacations

Huge Selection of chalets and apartments to choose from.

Excellent service from Adam and his team in resort.

  • Catered/Self Catered Accommodation in Chamonix
  • The predominant chalet ski company in Chamonix, Argentiere and Le Tour.
  • All chalets are carefully vetted.
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Ski Breezy, Catered Chalets in Chamonix

Ski Breezy

Catered holidays in Chamonix

Ski Breezy offers a catered chalet in Chamonix

Catering for groups of up to 10 people.

Great service, great food and an all round delightful ski holiday.

  • Catered Accommodation in Chamonix
  • 10 Beds Chalet
  • Focused on great service & great food!
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Valley Fever, Catered Accommodation in Chamonix

Valley Fever

Catered holidays in Chamonix

Valley Fever offer 5 catered chalets in Chamonix

Catering for groups of up 16 people.

An all round great ski holiday experience, from service to food and everything in between.

  • Catered Accommodation in Chamonix
  • 5 Different Chalets
  • A Fantastic Ski Holiday Experience
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Organise your Airport Transfers, Ski Extras & In-Resort Services

Book your Flights

The nearest and most convenient airport is Geneva, just over an hour from Chamonix resort. The main provider of budget flights from the UK is EasyJet, but British Airways also offer regular flights from London Heathrow, along with one or two others.

It is also possible to drive to Chamonix. The village is about 8 hours' drive from Calais and, if chosen carefully, the route will be all motorways until the final 30 minutes or so.

The final option is to travel by train. The best option is to get the Eurostar to Paris, then the TGV to Geneva (at lightning speed!). After a 15-minute train ride to the airport, you can take a transfer bus from Geneva Airport to Chamonix. See below for details of transfer companies.

Arrange your Airport Transfers


Chamonix Valley Transfers Logo

Offering shared and private transfers from Geneva Airport to the Chamonix Valley.

Alp Links

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Professional and punctual transfers from Geneva Airport to Chamonix Valley.

Namaste Sport


Ski Hire Shop located opposite the Railway station in Argentiere, Chamonix.

Alps Direct

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Experts in transport from airports and train stations to ski resorts across the Alps.

Cham Van

Cham Van Transfers Logo

Reliable and Great Value Airport Transfers Running between Chamonix and Geneva Airport.


All Ski Resorts

A major provider, serving most French resorts from Geneva and other major connections.

Snow Bus

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All Resorts

Choose from shared transfers with regular departures or private transfers.

Airport Ski Transfers

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Most Alpine Resorts

Offering fast, friendly and safe airport transfers from to all ski resorts in The French Alps.

Deluxe Transfers

Deluxe Transfers
All Ski Resorts

Specialising in private Geneva airport transfers to and from all destinations in the Alps.

City Airport Taxis

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Multi Resort

Private Transfer company operating from multiple airports across Europe.

Airport Taxi

Airport Taxi Transfers
All Ski Resorts

Private hire, tours and airport transfers. A simple and easy booking service.

GVA Transfers

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All Resorts

Specialising in airport transfers from Geneva Airport to the French, Italian and Swiss Alps.

Airport Transfers

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All Resorts

Safe, Comfortable and Low cost Private transfer service from Geneva airport.

Ski Cab

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All Resorts

Book ski transfer, from 1 to 55 passengers, from any airport or train station to almost any resort.

Alpy Bus

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Chamonix Valley

Revolutionary low cost service allowing customers to share transfers from Geneva Airport.

Resort Rides

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Multiple Resorts

Reliable, courteous and professional personal service at competitive prices.

Ski Transfers

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Operating between Chamonix and Geneva Airport. Simple and cost effective.

Order your Liftpass

Liftpasses are available from the main liftpass office in Chamonix resort centre, and at most of the major chairlift junctions throughout the ski area. In some cases, your chalet company might arrange this for you so you don't have to go and collect it (this service is usually free of charge, too).

Liftpass prices vary according to the time of the season, the age of the skier, the time-duration of the liftpass (in days), and the resorts included. Click to find out more about Chamonix liftpass prices.

Plan your Time in Resort: Eating, Drinking, Relaxing & Family Time

There is so much to enjoy in Chamonix besides the skiing and snowboarding. Once you're in resort, you'll want to know where to eat lunch, where to go for a drink, and what to do as a group or family when you're not skiing.

Overview of Chamonix

In the final days before your departure, you'll be checking the Chamonix webcams, and asking your Chamonix chalet company snow conditions. If you've not been to Chamonix before, you're in for a treat.

Chamonix is one of the world's most famous mountain resorts, and quite rightly so. Bustling both in summer and winter, Chamonix has been a magnet for mountain lovers since the very dawn of alpine Tourism. It claims to be France's oldest ski resort and it held the very first winter olympics back in 1924.

  • Village Altitute:
  • Skiing Range:
    1035m to 3842m
  • Number of Lifts:
  • Pistes:
    170 kms

About Chamonix Resort

Chamonix sits afoot of Mont Blanc - the highest mountain in Europe. With the resort down at 1035m, the mountains either side tower above to the high of 4800m at Mont Blanc's summit, with glaciers tumbling down the sides of the valley. It's one of the most dramatic and stunning valleys in the Alps, and well worth a visit for the scenery alone.

The village itself is quite charming, being a historic mountain town that's busy year round. There are though many different villages dotted along the Chamonix valley floor, with varying charactors.

About Chamonix Skiing

Chamonix's skiing is world famous, attraction the most advanced and adventurous skiers. This steep sided valley natural produces some of the most extreme terrain, and combined with the very high altitude of the top lifts, you've some of the worlds best off piste conditions.

Don't be put off though, there's skiing for beginners and intermediates too, though to be fair this resort really appeals to the advanced skiier. This resort works where you've a group with everything from top advanced to complete beginner. That said though if your group is all beginners, young families, then you might want to opt for a more gentle resort.

The ski area is divided into many separate smaller areas, and you'll need transport to get between them. There are ski buses connecting the different ski areas & many holiday companies do provide this transport as well.

Neighbouring Resorts

In many ways, 'Chamonix' isn't so much the name of a resorts, as a collection of resorts within the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc area. You can enjoy amazing Chamonix skiing from many of these locations including favourites like Les Houches and Argentiere.

Chamonix Chalets Les Houches Chalets Argentiere Chalets

Guide to Chamonix Ski Resort

Chamonix is one of the iconic ski resorts of the Alps. One of the most historical destinations, Chamonix's fame as a ski resort dates back to the very start of Alpine skiing, and it was the location for the first ever Winter Olympics back in 1924.

What are the pros and cons of picking Chamonix as a destination for your next ski holiday?


Historic and vibrant town

Chamonix itself is a year-round town of 10,000 people. It offers something that many seasonal ski resorts do not with its bustling feel. It was a popular tourist destination back in the Victorian era and retains many of its old buildings giving it quite a unique feel amongst French ski resorts. For those who would like to go skiing in France and yet see a "real" town, Chamonix may be as close as you'll get.

Incredible scenery

Just driving into the Chamonix Valley is quite a spectacle. It is perhaps one of the most dramatic valleys in the Alps, with the low valley floor and to incredibly steep sides climbing vertically 3800 m above you right up to the top of Mont Blanc. You can stare at your bedroom window to see glaciers tumbling down the mountain sides, and from the top of the lifts you can stare down the valley floor feel like you are on a different planet to the people miles below.

Aiguille du Midi

It's hard to mention Chamonix without mentioning the Aiguille du Midi. In the 1960s they built a lift to the top of this needle-shaped mountain peak at 3800 m. up there you can feel the thin air in your lungs and around you is the scenery from a different planet. You are looking down on glaciers all around and can see the peak of Mont blanc just next to you.

For the brave there is the "Step into the Void" - a glass box (including glass floor, naturally) suspended above a mind blowing 1000 m drop. If you are brave enough, it is quite some view!

It is a unique experience, and well worth taking a half day of skiing to experience this.

Cable Car Ride: Chamonix to Aiguille du Midi

Vallée Blanche

The Valley Blanche is one of the Alps most famous offpiste routes. You start at 3800 m at the top of the Aiguille du Midi. One very nerve wracking walk along the top of a mountain ridge takes you to your start point for the skiing, where you will following 20 km route skiing on top of the giant mer de glass Glacier.

This is not world-class off piste skiing itself, the off piste skiing is more a transportation method to get you into some of the most unique scenery you will ever see from a pair of skis. Being that a lot of the skiing is on top of a glacier, it is relatively gentle in gradient for a lot of the time, and being very popular you'd be quite lucky to get proper fresh powder before it is skied out by the masses. If you want to ski steep and deep untouched snow then this is not the route for you. If, however, you would like to experience skiing on a different planet, with giant scenery all around that you can't quite comprehend, then this is the experience for you.


Chamonix attracts adventurous people year-round, and has the apres ski to match its large audience. It might not be the largest party town in the Alps, but for those who like a good night out then you'll find plenty to do in Chamonix.

Easy access

Chamonix is about one hour 20 minutes drive from Geneva, almost all of that being on motorway. There is also a train station in Chamonix, making it perhaps one of the most accessible ski resorts from the UK and Ireland. There are a whole host of transfer companies such as AlpyBus, Ski-Lifts and Chamonix Ski Transfers all operating with regular minibus shuttles that pick you up in Geneva and drop you right to the door of your accommodation, and they are great value too.


Chamonix is a long thin Valley, with many different village dotted along it. Do what out for where you are staying - it may not be anywhere near the historic centre.

Lack of ski in-ski out accommodation

There is very little ski and ski out accommodation in Chamonix. Even if you are lucky enough to be staying at the foot of a ski slope, there will be days when you want to explore one of the other ski areas Chamonix Valley has to offer.

Bussing to and from the slopes

The skiing in Chamonix Valley is split up into 4 main areas, that have no ski lift connections. Each is different with its own unique charms, and it does make for a great adventurous holiday trying the different ski areas. None on their own are really large enough to keep you properly entertained for the week, so you will probably still spend at least a couple of your days busing to and from the lifts even if you are staying right by the foot of one of the ski areas.

Busy roads

With the need to bus to and from most of the skiing, and with Chamonix being a large and popular ski resorts, during the big school holidays the roads can be very busy to and from the skiing each day.

Chamonix Skiing

The skiing in Chamonix. is world-famous, and quite rightly so. It is both one of Europe's most historical ski resorts, and one of its best. The terrain in Chamonix is quite unique, there is little to match it across the Alps and for some it is the mecca of skiing in the Alps.

What Chamonix skiing does well

High altitude and great vertical range

You can be sure of great snow all season long, as long as you are happy to take a lift up to the higher altitudes. Chamonix boasts skiing as high as 3800 m, just 1000 m short the peak of Mont Blanc, Europe's highest mountain. In fact there is a huge vertical range of skiing in Chamonix, with the valley floor being relatively low down around 1000 m. So when it's cold in January or the visibility is low this plenty of lower altitude skiing to enjoy, and when it comes to April skiing and Bluebird days you can just keep going up to incredible high altitude skiing.

Challenges for even the best skier

Chamonix Valley is naturally quite a steep sided valley. There is plenty of steep skiing, both on piste and off piste, that will provide a challenge for even the best skier. If you feel you've your skiing accomplished and would quite like to step up another level, finding you challenge yourself, then Chamonix is definitely a resort put on your to ski list.

Incredible off-piste adventures

One of the big draws for the Chamonix followers is the incredible range of challenging offpiste. With the high altitude lift access, there is a whole range of off-piste itineraries, none more famous then the vallee blanche. Chamonix is a resort to be incredibly cautious in though. Myself I would not put a ski the wrong side of the piste marking poles without being with a qualified local mountain guide. The steep sided valleys and glaciers create some of the least forgiving terrain in the Alps; this is not a resort for DIY exploring!

Mind blowing scenery

I've never discovered any mountain area that can quite match the Chamonix Valley for its dramatic beauty. The valley floor down at 1000 m, with 2 incredibly steep sides soaring straight up to the sky including Mont blanc itself. Glaciers tumbling down the mountain sides displaying their deep blue core at the bottom. The scenery you are immersed in whilst skiing the Chamonix area is some of the most spectacular your find in any ski resort.

What Chamonix skiing does less well

Divided ski area

There are 4 main separate ski areas in the Chamonix Valley. They are completely separate, requiring a vehicle / bus ride to get between them. Even if your accommodation is right at the doorstep of one, it's unlikely that you will be able to keep yourself entertained for a whole week just on one of these 4 areas. Chamonix always means transport to and from the slopes at least a few days of the week.

That said the public transport systems are good, and some accommodation providers include ski lifts back and forth each day.

Less for the beginner

A beginners ski holiday in Chamonix is a bit more limited. The naturally steep sided valley means there is lower proportion of slopes for beginners and lower intermediates. Also the divided nature of the ski area mean you may have completed all the beginner slopes in your local area many times and then need to start bossing it to a different area to enjoy some new beginner slopes.

Few Snow parks

Snow parks have never been really embraced by the Chamonix ski area. If your idea of an ideal week is switching between the snow park and half pipe, you may find the facilities and Chamonix of it limiting.

More information about Chamonix

Still got some unanswered questions about Chamonix? The below resources should help you find what you are looking for.

Ski Area Information

Check the Chamonix Webcams

Chamonix Town Centre and Tourist Office

This Webcam shows Chamonix Town Centre and Tourist Office.

Argentière glacier and les Grands Montets

Argentière glacier and les Grands Montets,from the Argentière Tourist Office.

Panoramic Webcam at the Prarion gondola at 1850m, in the Les Houches Ski Area of Chamonix

Panoramic Webcam at the Prarion gondola at 1850m, in the Les Houches Ski Area of Chamonix.


Check the Chamonix Snow Forecast

Chamonix Meteo Snow Forecast.

Chamonix has it's own weather forecasting service which is excellent:

Detailed Weather Forecast by Cham Meteo

Chamonix Snow Forecast by Snow-Forecast.com

Chamonix Snow Forecast by J2Ski.com

Chamonix Snow Forecast.

Chamonix ski resort is very close as the crow flies, and has an excellent forecast that can be worth checking:

Detailed Weather Forecast by Cham Meteo

Where to find further Information